laykhaus + Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capturing the holiday spirit of Capilano

Our collaboration with Capilano Suspension Bridge was born from a shared love for nature's wonders and a desire to create meaningful experiences. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Canyon Lights event, we set out to capture the holiday spirit through a beautifully designed candle.

BC's most popular attraction

1.5million visitors every year experience Capilano suspension bridge park.

Brand Engagement

A focus on capturing the iconic visuals of the park's natural beauty through design and animation.

Seasonal Products

With year round visitors Laykhaus and Capilano Suspension bridge created seasonal products for winter and summer guests.

Sustainable Products

Laykhaus is committed to designing products that are circular in use and our Capilano Candles all meet our sustainability commitments and 5% promise.

Product Development

The giftbox experience

We know the unboxing experience is important and we wanted to create a memorable moment at every step of the way for the customer. Our Canyon Lights box tells the story of the park featuring the iconic suspension bridge view, as well as custom candle care cards to help customers get the most from their scented adventure.


A bridge to success

Our collaboration with Capilano Suspension Bridge has proven to be a true testament to partnership success. Not only have we crafted exceptional products together, but Capilano's extension of trust in us to design items that seamlessly align with their esteemed brand has been truly inspiring. As we continue to innovate and expand our offerings, this mutual trust serves as the foundation for our shared journey towards even greater heights. With exciting new products on the horizon, we look forward to further strengthening our bond and delivering exceptional experiences that resonate with our audience and honor the essence of Capilano Suspension Bridge.


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