Welcome to Laykhaus.

Welcome to Laykhaus.

Welcome to our new home. We’re so glad you are here with us for this journey and we hope you love lakes as much as we do!

We absolutely love visiting lakes, they are such wonderful places. For us there is something personal, energizing and other worldly about these landscapes. Whether it is lake diving, hiking, or a nice glass of wine over the dock. We are always dreaming of our next trip to the lakes.

In 2020 we decided to dream a little more... and Laykhaus was born.

We wanted a place for our creativity to grow, a place to capture our joys and to create products that share that joy with others. All the while advocating for the protection of our precious water systems. 

Laykhaus is a candles and wellness brand, designed to bring the outdoors to your home, and we can't wait for you to take a trip with us to the lake.


Lucy Shaw and Jack Shaw